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About us

We are inventors …

… and have been since 1936. That was the year we were awarded the patent on which the revenue development of the Gebo Group is still based – the malleable cast iron compression fittings which enable the connection of steel pipes without welding or cutting threads. After more than 80 years this product has now become a generic brand and synonymous for time-saving and cost-saving assemblies in pipe installations.

We are international …

… through our wholly-owned companies in 





Poland (production and sales), 

Czech Republic, 


Estonia and


The German company – located in Mettmann – houses the group headquarters and is therefore responsible for the strategic direction of the entire Gebo Group. The technical management function which comprises production control, new product development, certification and quality assurance is also located in Germany.

The Polish company Gebo Technika is particularly important as it is the production plant, or in other words, the heart of the entire Gebo Group. Both Gebo Armaturen GmbH and the production plant Gebo Technika are certified according to DIN-ISO-9001:2015.

A continuous expansion of the product portfolio, flawless quality, good ideas and a healthy mix of expertise and reliability have all contributed to making Gebo what it is today:

A powerful family owned group with constantly growing success.

We are committed …

How we feel, think and the motivations which drive us have been described in detail in the company philosophy, our company philosophy.
It is worth a read!

We will be pleased to send you a copy.


Please send an email to: info@gebo.de

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