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Sealant for gas boiler installations in case of leakage with a water loss of up to 10 l/day

Article no. 75012

Container: 2 liters

Safety Data Sheet  


1. Determine the volume of water in the heating system – see below “Water volume in heating systems”.

2. Filters and strainer must be removed.

3. Bring the gas boiler system to operating temperature (60 ° C). If the operating temperature of 60 ° C falls below, the duration of the sealing process can extend (by several days).

4. It is essential to ensure that the circulation pump is permanently working during the sealing process!

5. Open thermostatic valves fully.

6. Shake Gebo Liquid Micro well and feed undiluted through the heating filling valve to the heating circuit (1 liter of sealant per 100 liters of water) – see below “Dosing instructions”.

7. Thoroughly ventilate circulating pump and radiator.

8. After 24 hours at the earliest, the gas boiler can return to normal operation (refit filter and strainer).

9. To avoid unwanted crystallization, immediately rinse thoroughly all tools and items that have come into contact with Liquid Sealants with water.

10. After 4 weeks, the gas boiler must be rinsed and filled with fresh water.

Water volume in heating system for Gebo Liquid

Measuring Gebo Liquid

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