Gebo Liquid Protect

Corrosion protection for heating systems

Article no. 75062

Container: 2 liters

Safety Data Sheet  

  • Heating water treatment according to VDI Guideline 2035 
  • Corrosion inhibitor for steel, aluminum and copper containing materials 
  • Prevents stone formation in heating systems 
  • Compatible with antifreeze
    operating conditions pH 8,0– 8,5 

  • Not toxic 
  • Equally suitable for hard and soft water


1. Determine the volume of water in the heating system – see below “Water volume in heating systems”.

2. Turn the circulation pump on to mix Gebo Liquid Protect into the heating circuit.

3. Shake Gebo Liquid Protect well and feed undiluted through the heating filling valve to the heating circuit (1 liter of Gebo Protect per 100 liters of water) – see below “Dosing instructions”.

4. Immediately rinse the filling pump with water to avoid unwanted mixing when the pump is next used.

An annual check of the existing corrosion protection must be undertake. Gebo Liquid Protect is not liquid and not flammable. Suitable for aluminum materials.

Water volume in heating system for Gebo Liquid

Measuring Gebo Liquid

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